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How to Deal With Infested Beds?

Throw Infested Beds Away

Some companies are recommending the mattress and box spring be thrown away. Some of these companies are
requiring no bedding be brought in until the problem is solved, while others recommend new bedding to be brought in
while the treatments continue. In situations where bedding is not replaced right away, the question remains, what do
the tenants sleep on while the bedding is removed? If new bedding is introduced while treatments are occurring, they
can become infested by bed bugs that are still present in other locations within the dwelling. In addition, discarded
mattresses and box springs are often picked up and introduced into another unit spreading bed bugs to a new location.
Treat Infested Beds
There are products that are labeled for treatment of mattresses. The property owner must decide if they are in favor of
insecticides being utilized on the beds where people sleep. We do not recommend treatment of mattresses with
insecticides; do to the possibility of a person having a reaction to the treated surface. We feel there are better
alternatives than insecticides with vacuuming and bed bug proof encasements.

Encase the Beds

Use of bed bug proof encasements is an effective alternative to pesticides for dealing with infested mattresses and box
springs. The encasement, which goes over the mattress and box springs, creates a new shell for each component. The
encasement is both bite proof, escape proof for bed bugs, and is lab tested. Arab Pest Services are utilizing this
encasement as a part of our program when the need to discard the mattress and box spring is not a necessity. Because
the bed bug can survive up to one year without a blood meal, encasements should not be removed for a minimum of
twelve months. If infested bedding is not salvageable and new bedding is required, we recommend the new mattresses
and box springs be encased to prevent them from becoming infested. Remember not just any encasement will do. We

Bed Bugs - How to deal with infested beds

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